Materials for Candle making

This section covers all the core materials that you will need to make your own candles. Candle making requires minimal materials, however extra materials will make your candle making experience much more fun. To get started, you only really need three things; some wax, a wick and an improvised mould to produce simple candles that will amaze you.

However, the most essential ingredient in candle making is the wax, and there are several different kinds available, the most common wax being paraffin. The amount of wax you will need for each project will vary depending on the size of the candle you intend to make. If you are making candles in specific containers the way to work out the quantity is to fill the mould with water and measure it in a measuring jug (cup) – for every 100 ml (3 ½ fl oz) of water you will need 90g (3 ½ oz) of cold wax.

If you use too much wax, do not worry because it is reusable and you can save it for next time. All the materials here can be found at all craft retail outlets, however if you can not get to one then all the materials listed here are readily available through specialist candle suppliers on the internet.

Candle making material list





Double Boiler & Pan

Wax Thermometer

Dipping Can


Other Materials

You will need a set of scales for weighing the wax. Kitchen scales should suffice, provided they have an accuracy of about 25g (1oz).


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